The Marie Drake Planetarium

Where the stars always shine in Juneau, AK

The planetarium provides free astronomy education to people of all ages and levels of astronomy knowledge.

We are a non profit and have been run by volunteers for 30 years.  

We educate the the public, school classes and community groups. 

Here is link to our latest newsletter.with lots of Earth Day Resources.

The Marie Drake planetarium is currently closed due to Covid-19. We hope to give presentations to school groups when the new school years starts in mid August.  Public presentations will start after this - date to be determined.

We will send out an email and post here and on Facebook when we are able to safely reopen.  

We started using our new Digitarium Lambda system in mid February and got positive feedback from attendees.  While the planetarium has been closed, board members have been learning how to use our new system at home. We have also been taking classes relating to the new system, astronomy topics, how to give planetarium presentations. 

Board member Rosemary Walling learning to use new system

Saturn shown with our new digital projector.