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Last month we received a $10,000 matching grant from the Juneau Community Foundation's Blackwell Fund last month. In just over a month, it was matched. 

Therefore, we will shortly order a new fixed Digitarium Lambda Projection System. We are very excited to be bringing this to Juneau. We look forward to start learning to use the amazing features it offers astronomy educators.

We hope to have a grand opening in January, 2020.

We are still fundraising however. We have two grants we are applying for and welcome donations of any size.

Learn more about different ways to give.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Digital Planetarium Week

From October 7th - 12th,three educators from the Museum of Flight’s Portable Universe program brought their full-dome digital projector and portable dome to Juneau. 1,060 3rd – 5th graders were engaged in an educational live interactive planetarium show - Under the Night Sky.  

Our guests also provided free movies and shows for both children and all ages. 677 people attended public shows.

A three hour training to Juneau teachers and board members was given. This was the first of a one credit "Learning and Sharing Astronomy" class.

Primary funding came from the Museum of Flight with additional funding from the Juneau School District and the Friends of the Mari Drake Planetarium.

We thank everyone who made this week possible, especially The Museum of Flight and the Juneau School District. 

We appreciate your attendance which resulted in some "sold out" shows.  Don't worry if you could not attend. There will be at least two shows before the end of this year with our existing Spitz projector and new presentations in 2020 with a digital system similar to the one used during digital planetarium week.
Welcome to Juneau's planetarium
  • Location:  1415 Glacier Avenue in Marie Drake Building between Harborview and JDHS
  • Juneau's planetarium is a non-profit and has been run by volunteers for over 20 years. Our presentations and events reflect the interest and knowledge of our volunteers.  We offer free astronomy education for the public, school classes and community groups. We serve people of all ages and levels of astronomy knowledge. 

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